WhatsApp trick: See other contact’s status without letting them know

The WhatsApp status feature was launched back in 2018 and became a success in no time as it gave users a chance to interact and quickly share their images and more.

However, people also use it to express their different emotions such as heartbreak, love, joy, anger etc. Interestingly, many people use status feature to target someone but at the same time making it look like a random one.

Did this ever come to your mind – “how do I see others’ status without letting them know? Well, you can do it with a very simple trick.

You must be aware of WhatsApp’s Read Receipt feature, the blue tick that lets you know whether your message has been read or not. So, this feature helps in this case.

If you want to sneak into someone’s status without letting them know, all you need to do is go to WhatsApp Setting then Privacy then Toggle off the Read Receipt, and you are done.

Once you do this, your contact will no longer be able to see your name in the list of people who saw their WhatsApp status.

The only drawback of using this feature is that you also won’t be able to see the names of people who saw your WhatsApp status.