Wordle Game: Why so much fuss about it?

Wordle Game

These days one of the new addictions on social media is Wordle. It is a website-only game launched in October 2021.

The users have been posting their daily scores up with Wordle on Twitter and other platforms. The game has been in the news for the wrong reasons.

Many developers have created its clones to cash in on surging demand for this game.

Moreover, the unsuspecting users have been downloading these App versions.

Recently, Apple cracked down on these attempts, removing these knockoffs of the original game from its App Store.

This game Wordle was created by former Reddit software engineer Josh Wardle. It can only be played on its official website and does not have any mobile app.

As a once-a-day online word game, it gives a player six chances to guess the day’s secret word having five letters. One has to figure out the secret word with the fewest guesses.

When the player successfully guesses the word, he is prompted to post his/her score on social media along with the number of tries.

After guessing a five-letter word, the game then tells you whether the letters chosen by you are correct or not.

Different colours represent different positions like grey, yellow and green. The word of the day is the same for all and people can play it only once a day.

While ‘hard mode’ on the Wordle website is where the game wants the player to use the yellow or green letter in subsequent guesses.

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