YouTube enables Android users to play videos in 4K

YouTube enables Android users to play videos in 4K

YouTube has launched 4K resolution support for Android users. It will enable Android users to stream and watch video contents in 2160p or 4k resolution. Presently, most smartphones can stream only up to 1080p resolution or HD content.

However, this launch will enable Android users to watch the videos in 2160p or 4K resolution.

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According to the XDADevelopers, Google is introducing new options for streaming on YouTube. The company has reportedly enabled new streaming options by making updates from the server. It will enable users to watch videos in resolutions up to 4K and HDR.

“YouTube is sending you the amount of data needed to stream 4k. As a result, the image will look sharper/have higher fidelity, even on a 1080 or 720p screen with a smaller resolution. Though it’s probably very hard to tell the difference on a small phone screen,” a Reddit user pointed out.

“Every phone I own seems to be having the same thing, it’s either a feature or a big ole bug. I can even play 1080p videos on my A01 which has a 720p screen,” he said.

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