YouTube Go To Be Taken Off From Google Play Store, Company Decides to withhold Services Till August

Google to Shut off Youtube go

YouTube Go an app developed for low end phones by Google is about to be taken off of google play store. The app wouldn’t be supported on phones any more , Google announced on Wednesday that the users must shift to regular YouTube app.

According to reports the YouTube GO app would be only available till August, after than its support services might get disabled. If you have an account on You Tube Go app now might be the time when you can switch to the usual app.

YouTube Go app was brought to life in 2016 with the aim of providing seamless streaming on low end devices as well. The app could be used with logging in and creating content by yourself. The platform was produced for low end phones in inferior markets which suffer with connectivity issues and do not enjoy fast internet connectivity needed for the usual app.

But now that the usual YouTube app has made additions which help you watch while consuming lower amounts of data, the parent company has decide to kill of the YouTube GO app.  The YouTube GO app didn’t allow comments as well hence it was an incomplete experience and the company decided to call it off.

The app was optimized for devices that had only about 1 to 2 Gb ram ,users of such phones being drastically low now the company decided to kill the app off .The app was developed in such a way that it didn’t took much space over the phone as well as it didn’t disrupt the operating system with unnecessary interruptions. The Normal YouTube app has also developed seamlessly to bring in more customers to its platform form the YouTube GO app, now it has options which when switched on the user in consuming less internet data.

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