YouTube launches new hashtag search results page

YouTube has recently launched a new search results page that will let users find videos using the hashtags. It will appear when users search for videos by hashtags.

YouTube had first launched this user-friendly ability (to search by hashtags) in 2018 but it did not work perfectly. Earlier a hashtag search would include content using the hashtag and other related content that did not contain the hashtag.

Now while searching for a specific hashtag on YouTube on either user’s desktop or mobile app, users will see a dedicated page that only contains videos with that hashtag.

There is another way users can access hashtag search results pages and that is by clicking into any automatically linked hashtag that is given on YouTube. Hashtags can be clearly seen above video titles.

This new YouTube hashtag option is a big gift to the content creators and markets that can help a lot in marketing the content using hashtags.