Adidas launches the longest shoes in the world, Twitter reacts

Adidas launches the longest shoes in the world, Twitter reacts
Image Credits: Tommy Cash/Instagram

Adidas, global shoe maker brand has grabbed all the attention with its latest launch of ‘baguette sneakers’. In its collaboration with Estonian rapper Tommy Cash, Adidas launched its bizarre fashion trend. As one could expect, the pictues of the longest shoes of the world are going insanely viral on the internet. While the international brand is confident about its latest edition, people on Twitter think this has to be a joke.

Adidas launches the longest shoes of the world

Catergorized under Adidas Superstar collection, the ‘baguette sneakers’ are in two contrast colours. While the left shoe is white in colour, the right one is in black. To keep the footwear intact to the feet, the brand has offered at least 40 rows of lace holes.

Tommy Cash took to his Instagram handle and shared pictures of himself sporting the shoes. Sharing the pictures, the rapper wrote, “WHEN I SAID TO ADIDAS THAT I WANT TO MAKE THE LONGEST SHOE IN THE WORLD AS OUR COLLAB THEY WERE LIKE WTF TOMMY. BUT 5 MONTHS LATER HERE WE ARE”

A Twitter user named Pop Base shared these images saying, “Adidas unveils their longest shoes ever, in collaboration with Tommy Cash.”

This led to Twitterati sharing their opinions on the bizarre trend.

“That’s longer than Life Goes On chart duration,” a user said. Another added, “This has to be a joke.”

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