Bear scratching its back on a signpost: Watch VIRAL Video

Bear scratching its back on a signpost: Watch VIRAL Video
Image: Earth Focus Instagram

Some pleasures in life can never be defined in words. As it is rightly said that actions speak louder than words, a bear enjoying his itching moment proves this adage right.

This viral video shows a bear scratching its back in public.

Posted by Earth Focus late in October has garnered many likes and comments.

The person recording this viral video is probably in a moving car. It must have been that he was passing by an area of wilderness and saw this bear scratching its back.

Spotting a bear dancing won’t be that big a deal but it seems that the bear was just scratching one of those irritating itches on its back.

What is even funnier is the bear is scratching its back on a signpost that says do not enter. When it comes to wildlife, technology has made it even easier for us to take a sneak peek into this world of nature.

Animals and wildlife photos and videos are often shared and go viral overnight. For humans are known as intelligent species but so are the animals that play a vital role in the earth’s ecosystem.


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