Delhi Police joins pawri trend, sends out COVID-19 message

Delhi Police joins pawri trend, sends out COVID-19 message

Delhi police has recently joined the viral pawri trend. The official Twitter handle of Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) shared the pawri version to send an important message.

Since the coronavirus cases are rising once again in India. So, officials are urging people to stay indoors and follow all the safety measures. In order to spread a message regarding the importance of masks,  DCP Delhi’s Twitter account shared quite interesting photo. And it had a viral ‘pawri’ trend.

What did DCP Delhi share?

The official handle of DCP Delhi shared a hand drawn doodle to spread a message on how to avoid spreading coronavirus. The caption of viral the tweet said, “Wear a mask to protect yourself and stop the spread of Covid 19 (sic).”

The doodle shows how coronavirus can spread into mutants. if people don’t follow health guidelines. The message on the cartoon showing Covid-19 mutations spreading among people not wearing masks reads, ” Yeh Hum Hain. Yeh Hamare Mutations Hain Aur Ye hamari Pawri Ho Rahi Hai.”

How did the internet react?

Since being shared, the tweet has gone insanely viral. It has managed to garner over 2,000 likes and several hundred retweets. Many took to the comments section to praise the creativity of the tweet and agreed with the message.

The creative doodle was made by Rajeev Banerjee, vertical head of corporate communication at HDFC bank.

What is the pawri trend?

The Pawri trend started after a video of Dananeer Mobeen, a social media influencer from Pakistan, saying “Pawri Ho Rahi Hai” went crazy viral. Soon, Yashraj Mukhate also created a super entertaining song out of the trend.