Dead bodies of COVID patients found floating in Yamuna

Dozens of bodies found floating in Yamuna river
Image Credit: Unsplash

After the innumerable coronations and cremation queues due to Corona, there are reports of floating dead bodies in the Yamuna. In Hamirpur on Friday, dozens of bodies were found floating in the Yamuna river.

Hamirpur police station reached the spot to know the reality behind these dead bodies. It was found that after these people died in the rural areas of Kanpur and Hamirpur districts, the dead bodies were being carried by the villagers to the Yamuna itself.

What do the police claim?

In this regard, Hamirpur Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) Anup Kumar Singh has said that when his in-charge arrived on the spot, he found that two dead bodies were brought in the tractor and then they were flown into Yamuna.

According to the police, they found many more bodies flowing in the river. Earlier this week, seven bodies were also spotted floating.

When the bodies were seen descending near the Yamuna river bridge at the district headquarters, there was panic among the people. Three bodies were on the border of the Sajeti police station in Kanpur, while four were found in Hamirpur.

Some people were on the Yamuna Bridge when they were seen landing the dead bodies a short distance away.

The ASP says that after the death, people perform the last rites in the Yamuna River. At times, the bodies also flow.

These bodies can only be among them. Further action will be taken in this regard.

Dead bodies floating in the Yamuna

Local children are also witnessing this dreadful scene in front of which many bodies have been flown into Yamuna.

They say that many dead bodies are brought in this way in the last few days and then drained into the Yamuna. The Yamuna river flowing in Hamirpur district is situated in Kanpur and the southern edge is in Hamirpur i.e., the Yamuna river flows at the boundary line of Kanpur and Hamirpur districts.

Yamuna river as ‘Mokshadayini Kalindi’

People of Kanpur and Hamirpur district consider the Yamuna river as Mokshadayini Kalindi. Many bodies are being spotted these days. From this, it can be estimated that a large number of people are dying in rural areas.

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