Global warming proof: Pakistan’s historic Hassanabad bridge collapses after glacial lake melts

Global warming proof: Pakistan's historic Hassanabad bridge collapses after glacial lake melts

Pakistan’s historic Hassanabad bridge collapsed after a heatwave-triggered caused flash flood.

The intense heatwave resulted in a glacial lake releasing large amounts of water into a stream that eventually led to bridge’s collapse.

As per the Independent, the Hassanabad bridge that lies in the Gilgit-Baltistan region was swept by gushing floodwaters.

However, no immediate injuries were reported. A viral video was shared by Pakistan’s Federal Minister Climate Change Sherry Rehman.

It shows the intensity of the running water that collapsed the Hassanabad bridge. The crumbling and falling of the bridge were captured in these visuals.

Hassanabad Bridge in Pakistan crumbled and Collapsed

The video’s caption also mentions how the Hassanabad bridge on the Karakoram Highway collapsed due to the melting Shishper glacier. It is located near Mount Shishper in the northern part of Pakistan.

It is to be noted here that this year Pakistan has recorded its hottest April in decades. Also, Jacobabad touched 49 celsius. Senator Rehman goes on to warn of several areas in Pakistan that are vulnerable to the rising heat.

Moreover, Pakistan has the highest number of glaciers outside the polar region on earth. Hassanabad bridge collapse is a dire warning.

Several of them are now losing mass owing to the high global temperatures. This happens to be the direct result of the rising emissions on earth.

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