Hen waiting for eggs to hatch didn’t know it was kittens resting there: Watch VIDEO

Hen waiting for eggs to hatch didn't know it was kittens resting there: Watch VIDEO

Social media is full of cute videos. One can see a list of dedicated pages showing cute animal videos.

In one such video that is going viral on Instagram, we can see a caring mother hen who is brooding on her eggs. But chickens here are quite unlikely to come out as there are kittens only, not the chicks.

Moreover, the cute viral video has been captured with full caution. And as the hen gets a bit up, you will see cute kittens showing off their cuteness, making it look even more adorable.

As it is rightly said that a mother’s love is unconditional. You must have seen a lot of other videos where one animal mother is looking after and caring for other fellow animals cubs.

Such is mother nature, wildlife is not so wild. And as far as this video is concerned, it is bound to bring a big smile to your face today.

This cute simple video proves that you don’t always need strong muscles or power to go viral, even the simple things in life can be enjoyed.

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