Ice cream with paracetamol: This bakery has the best cure for people with hangover

Ice cream with paracetamol: This bakery has the best cure for people with hangover

It is rightly said that Ice-cream solves everything. Even if you have a headache, you can easily cure it by having ice cream.

According to Bndestem, a regional Dutch newspaper, there is a small town bakery called Nagelkerke in The Netherlands.

It is famous for creating a Paracetamol (or as Malaysians like to call it, Panadol) infused ice cream.

So, basically, the idea behind this ice cream is to help people cure their hangovers left by big carnivals. That’s one reason to have it in ice cream.

One ingredient medicine is nobody wants to have it and the other one- ice-cream everybody wants to have it. That’s the best combination though.

As per the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, ice cream can not be sold. If there is too much Paracetamol in it, the bakery must have a permit required to administer the medication.

So the owner of the bakery, Jan Nagelkerke said that he would not be selling it. It is to be noted that the seller has now put this peculiar ice cream on display for people to see and get a good laugh.

Since ice cream is that one thing that everybody wants to have and talk about, here we bring you some of the weirdest ice-cream flavours from around the world.

Fish and Chip flavoured ice cream, Oyster ice cream, Curry flavoured ice cream, Goat cheese beet swirl ice cream, Smoked salmon ice cream, Pizza flavoured ice cream, Squid ink ice cream, Lobster ice cream.

These are some of the names that you should know about if you are an ice-cream lover.


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