J&K’s 5-year-old Mahiruh’s workload woes end after UT cuts down online classes

J&K's adorable Mahiruh Irfan's workload woes end after J&K cuts down online classes
Image: Screengrab from YouTube

The five-year-old Mahiruh Irfan has her fanbase now. She became popular overnight after her video on workload woes for kids.

In the viral video, Mahiruh had addressed the PM and said, “Why do madam and sir give so much work to small children who are six years old? From the time I wake up till 2 o’clock, I have continuous classes — English, math, Urdu, EVS and then computers. Why do they give so much work to little children, Modi Saab?” And by the very next day, her cute complaint was going viral all over social media. CLICK HERE FOR MORE VIRAL CONTENT

And what more could she ask for? Mahiruh’s cute little video has successfully fetched the desired results. As the UT administration has decided that online classes for Classes 1 to 8 would be held for not more than 90 minutes and over two sessions.

And for senior grades, Class 9 to 12, online classes would be limited to three hours.

The Lt Guv announcing the administration’s decision to reduce the duration of online classes said, “Pre-primary on a given day for interacting with parents shall be only 30 minutes. Concerned authorities to ensure the strict implementation. Homework up to class 5th should be avoided. Authorities and schools to plan joyful learning experiences engaging parents as well. Our children need more time to play, interact with parents, the biggest learning experience a child can have.”

But Mahiruh for sure did not know that her this attempt will fetch such a big result.

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