Kiss Bribe: Woman locks lips with cop to evade penalty in this viral video

Kiss Bribe: Woman Locks Lips With Cop To Evade Penalty
Representative picture (Image credits: Unsplash)

In what could be termed as a bizarre incident, a police officer in Peru was suspended after he was caught kissing on camera. It apparently was a kiss bribe!

Not only this! The incident had a woman bribing the cop with a kiss in exchange for penalty.

The footage from a TV station shows the moment the cop locked lips with the woman. Soon she is able to persuade him to swap the penalty charge for a kiss (bribe).

However, following the investigation, the cop had to temporarily leave his job. The video shows an unidentified woman, drawing too close to the cop as he prepares to write her a fine for breaking Covid-19 restrictions.

After a few seconds, the officer changes his mind and kisses the woman. Soon the incident got noticed in the Peruvian capital Lima. Moreover, authorities made the decision to send the officer home pending an ongoing investigation. The footage begets immediate suspension of the officer for this kiss bribe.

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