Viral: Kochi IPS officer punishes cop on duty for not recognising madam

Image sourced from Unsplash

A newly-appointed IPS officer Aishwarya Dongre kicked off a new storm in Kerala with her snobbish behaviour.

Dongre, the youngest IPS officer in Kerala was recently transferred to Kochi as Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) sent a civil police officer for not recognising her- the newly appointed officer, IPS Dongre.

It happened when Dongre went to the women’s police station adjoining the Town North station to inspect a cleaning drive in civil dress.

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Dongre was not wearing the uniform and the female cop on sentry duty had stopped her and asked the purpose of her visit, as her duty.

Sooner the sentry cop had realised that she was speaking to the newly-appointed madam IPS Dongre.

But this did not cool down the newly transferred madam Dongre who kept asking for an explanation from the sentry.

However, the female cop reiterated that she could not recognise madam for she was in a civil dress. Following the Covid-19 rules, she stopped her at the entrance.

Dongre kept insisting on how the female cop lacks alertness and should have recognised at least her official vehicle. if not her. IPS Dongre soon ordered the female cop to send her on traffic duty for two days as punishment.

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The snobbish incident did not go down well with other senior IPS officers, who called her actions as uncalled for.

The Kerala Police Association has also launched a formal complaint with the state’s Home Department.