Lottery of Rs 40 crore for a driver in Abu Dhabi from Kerala

Lottery of Rs 40 crore for a driver in Abu Dhabi from Kerala
Representative Image: Unsplash

Kerala’s Renjith Somarajan, a driver in Abu Dhabi has hit a jackpot by winning 20 million dirham. It is approximately Rs 40 crore in a raffle draw in the United Arab Emirates, as per reports.

The 37-year-old driver and nine other associates were declared joint winners of the prize. Somarajan, the driver, has been purchasing lottery tickets for the past three years.

He would not have imagined to ever hit such a big jackpot. What he hoped was to win the second and third prize. He also said that in his recent tickets, the second and third prizes were 3 million dirham and 1 million dirham, respectively.

Just after winning the jackpot, Somarajan received many congratulatory calls from his friends and loved ones. But his past life has been quite harsh.

Now he works as a driver with Dubai Taxi and different companies. He has also worked as driver-cum-salesman with a company. READ MORE HERE

But Somarajan believes that one should never lose hope and keep trying your luck in life.

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