Man opens own lab to help his dying son with home-made medicine in China

Man opens own lab to help his dying son with home-made medicine in China

Two-year-old Haoyang is suffering from a rare genetic condition. And the only medicine that can help him rare is not found anywhere in China.

In China, a desperate father has been trying his best to save his ailing son.

Xu Wei has created a home laboratory to create the medicine he needs for his 2-year-old son’s treatment.

The closed borders in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic have left him helpless.

Two-year-old Haoyang has Menkes Syndrome. It is a genetic disorder that impacts how copper is processed in the body.

Sufferers rarely survive beyond the age of three. But his father Xu, who ran a small online business before his son became ill is now determined to do anything to save him.

After he was told that the disease was incurable, he began researching and teaching himself pharmaceuticals.

With the help of the medicine made in his own lab, Xu now gives Haoyang a daily dose of it. This will give the child some of the copper his body is missing.

The self-taught chemist claims that a few of the blood tests showed normal results two weeks after beginning the treatment.

The young father is now planning to study molecular biology and do everything possible to protect his son.

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