Optical illusion: 1st of the 4 hidden images you spot reveals your secret weakness in love, try now!

Optical illusion
Image courtesy: yourtango.com/Oleg Shuplyak

New Delhi: Optical illusions not only teases your brain, but can also reveal a lot about your personality. People interpret an optical illusion in different ways and it says a lot about that person. Moreover, such images can even reveal the hidden strengths and weaknesses as well as desires of an individual. Here, we are talking about Ukrainian artist Oleg Shuplyak’s optical illusion which can tell you your weakness in love. This illusion has four different images hidden in it and what you see first will reveal your weakness in love.

Have a look at the image:

Optical illusion
Image courtesy: yourtango.com/Oleg Shuplyak

The masked woman

If you see the masked woman first, that means the chase attracts you the most. You appreciate the early days when something is brewing before it becomes legit. “This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re into serial monogamy, but let’s be real, it wouldn’t be terribly surprising if you are,” YourTango explains. However, even though this initial stage is exciting, forming deeper bonds is important.

The couple

If you spot the couple first, it means what attracts you most when you fall in love is the sense of safety. YourTango explains: “You want to be edgy and cool and single like most of your friends, but there’s something so darn appealing about building a life with someone you love and trust.” However, the feeling of security takes time to develop and cannot really be forced.

The Empty Boat

If you see the empty boat first, then your weakness in love is fear of the unknown. “For some people, the new and the different are scary things they go out of their way to avoid, but not you. For you, meeting someone new and falling for them is one of the scariest things imaginable — and that’s what makes it so incredibly appealing,” writes YourTango.

You should always trust your love instead of always keeping your guard up.

The Boatman

If you saw the boatman first, then the most attractive thing about falling in love with you is having the opportunity to get out of your own head. YourTango says, “For you, every day is spent in constant struggle with fears and insecurity. When you meet someone who can transport you out of those feelings, it’s truly magical to behold, and that feeling is what keeps you coming back to them for more.”

But even if you find a way out, you must keep grounded.  

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