Optical illusion challenge: Can you see the girl posing between the rocks?

Optical illusion: Can you see the girl posing between the rocks?

Social media is full of puzzles and optical illusions. These remain among the favourite past times for many people out there.

It feels too good and satisfying to be able to figure out how an optical illusion works.

A picture is going viral that shows a little girl camouflaged against a rocky landscape will leave you dumbfounded.

This picture was originally posted on the social media site Imgur. It shows a boulder-strewn landscape; it tickles readers to find a young female tourist wearing a purple hoodie and waving at the camera.

The feat is not so simple though. You would have to go through many shadows and illusions before you finally spot the girl.

“Look closely,” as it will drive you crazy. If you haven’t yet spotted the girl, this Optical illusion test was for you only!

And if you were able to spot the tourist without any help, give yourself a pat on the back.

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