Optical Illusion: Can you see the woman in this picture of a parrot?

Optical Illusion: Can you see the woman in this picture of a parrot?

There are different trends going on on social media nowadays, one of them is Optical Illusion. In optical illusion we have to solve different puzzles. Sometimes you have to find something and sometimes you have to find the difference in a picture.

Optical Illusion has set the internet on fire. But it is also bothering people in a way. Some of those pictures tell which part of the person’s brain dominates more while some give information about the person’s personality. You can consider this picture viral on the Internet as a perfect example of optical illusion.

Here is a black and white picture that was taken by Ronnie Boehm from Austria. He has captured photographs of various dance forms, especially ballet.

What did you see first?

You will say it’s just a parrot sitting here. But there is something hidden in the wooden trunk of a tree in this image and you will find it out eventually.

Optical Illusion

If you take a closer look, you will see that there is a hidden woman in this image. Look carefully at the image again. Did you notice any variation this time?

Basically, the parrot itself is the woman who is hiding in the disguise of a parrot. These illusions are an excellent medium of entertainment. Once you engage in the optical illusion images, you are also improving your observation skills.

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