Pak tiktoker sparks wildfires for “cinematic glory”: unmindful act lands her in trouble

Pak tiktoker sparks wildfires for cinematic glory: unmindful act lands her in trouble

An unfazed Pakistani Tiktoker Humaira Asghar sparked wildfires just to attain cinematic glory for her video. The actress has drawn flak on social media over this unmindful act. The viral video shows the actress walking in a silver ball gown in front of a forest fire raging behind her.

This Pakistani tiktoker‘s act has been going viral on social media like wildfire. All have been calling this trending video as “disturbing and disastrous”. Moreover, the chairperson of the Islamabad Wildlife Management board also added that the actor should have been holding a bucket of water to extinguish the fire instead of glamourising it.

In Pakistan this has become a dangerous trend. Earlier this month, a man was arrested in Abbottabad for intentionally starting a forest fire. He did so for the background of his video. Later the Pak Tiktoker Asghar clarified that she did not spark the fire and there was no harm in making videos.

Pakistani tiktoker Humaira Asghar sparks wildfires

It is to be noted that Pakistan remains the eighth most vulnerable country to extreme weather. Climate change is a reality and many earthlings are still unfazed by the reality that is slowly becoming our future.

Forest fires have become common from mid-April through to the end of July due to the increase in temperature.

Furthermore, TikTok has now released an official statement on this incident. It says that any content that violates guidelines and promotes dangerous and illegal behaviour is not allowed.

“…any content that promotes dangerous or illegal behaviour would be a violation of our community guidelines and is not allowed on our platform. We work to either remove, limit, or label content that depicts dangerous or illegal acts. We remain vigilant in our commitment to user safety and encourage everyone to exercise caution and responsibility in their behaviour whether online or off,” the statement reads.

Climate Change-A Reality Check

Our Earth’s climate keeps changing and history manifests this change in terms of geography.
But in the last 650,000 years, there have been seven cycles of glacial advance and retreat.

Scientists say, the abrupt end of the last ice age marks the beginning of the modern climate era. This we may call as the beginning of human civilization.

Most of these climate changes are attributed to very small variations in Earth’s orbit. This is what changes the amount of solar energy our planet receives.

Therefore, the current warming trend is of particular interest and importance; because it is undoubtedly the result of human activities since the mid-20th century.

Such acts like this Pakistani tiktoker’s sparking wildfire just for the sake of video is what we may term as unmindful acts.

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