PPE kit after-effects: Doctor shares before and after photo, see viral pic

PPE kit
Image credits: Dr Sohil Makwana/Twitter

Amid the raging second wave of COVID-19 in the country, doctors and other healthcare professionals are working round the clock, wearing PPE kits.

A Gujarat doctor, who works at GMERS Medical College in Dharpur, has revealed the after-effects of wearing a PPE kit. Ahmedabad’s Dr Sohil Makwana tweeted before and after pictures that showed him with and without the PPE kit. In one photo, he can be seen completely drenched in sweat after removing the PPE suit.

He wrote in caption: “proud to serve the nation”, while in another tweet he urged all the adults to “go for vaccination”. “It’s (the) only solution,” he added.

Doctor Shares After-Effects Of Wearing PPE Kit

“Talking on the behalf of all doctors and health workers.. we are really working hard away from our family.. sometimes a foot away from positive patient, sometimes an inch away from critically ill oldies… I request please go for vaccination.. it’s only solution ! Stay safe,” he wrote further.

Dr Makwana also shared a picture of his parents and said he had got them inoculated with the second jabs.

Social media users praised the doctor and applauded the sacrifices made by healthcare professionals in this difficult time.

Here are some reactions:

Twitter user Dr Shweta Agarwal said that she could absolutely understand his condition.

Around 1.30 lakh users have liked Dr Makwana’s photo, which has been retweeted more than 15,000 times.

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