Titanic is back in 2022, netizens recall iconic drowning scene of Jack and Rose

So Titanic is back in 2022, netizens recall iconic drowning scene from Jack and Rose

The iconic ship Titanic is a well-known giant in the marine history. Many are also emotionally connected with Titanic for it has also been depicted in the movie.

From Kate Winslet‘s beauty to Leonardo DiCaprio‘s acting skills it was a full feast for the viewers. Now coming back to 2022, netizens are recalling the famous drowning scene, apparently in the Pacific Ocean in the movie. The scene is same but with a few twitches and changes to its spirit.

We have Rose fighting with Jack over phone. Yes, she is too busy arguing with him despite knowing that the protagonist is about to drown. The iconic scene roles are packed with drama, emotions and expressions- all in one but shot in 2022 (imaginatively).

The creative streak of netizens even led them to create memes on the same scene. The 21st-century beings have brought Jack and Rose back to life but in different times.

So, the alternative scene shows what “Rose imaginatively would have done.” The memes and videos show Jack drowning. Just moments later, he brings out his hand to pick up his phone left with his love Rose. Reacting just like we all do, Rose pushes Jack into the water and pulls his hand up to use his finger to unlock the phone.

Bringing the iconic Titanic scene to life, netizens have added a befitting climax to this historic movie of all times.

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