Suez Canal: Dhoom tune plays as stuck ship floats again, WATCH viral video

Suez Canal Dhoom tune plays as stuck ship floats again, WATCH viral video

Suez Canal of Egypt remained one of the top trending topics throughout the last week. For the unversed, a giant ship was wedged acrosst the canal and it blocked one of the busiest trade routes. Due to this, Egypt had to open the older channel and diverted traffic. However, the giant ship finally made its way out and the traffic resumed.

While the Suez Canal dominated the global headlines, the incident unravelled some Indian connection as well. Wondering what we are talking about? Well, a video surfaced on social media after the ship floated again on Egyptian waters. Reportedly, the entire crew on the ship was Indian. The video shows that the crew played an Indian tune as the ship set off again.

Ever Given plays Dhoom tune on resumption

As the ship was made its way out of the canal, the crew played an Indian tune to give a cheer. The video a moment of resumption and happiness as the obstruction ended. The crew started trumpeting horns to the tune of Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham, Esha Deol and Udya Chopra’s Dhoom theme music.

Sharing the video, a Twitter user claimed that it was ‘100 per cent Indian staff.’ Screenwriter Mayur Puri, who was an associated director on the big-budget action film also shared the same on his Twitter handle and wrote, ‘Wow!’ and ‘Dhoom Macha Le’. 
He also tagged the star cast of the film and the music composer of the tune, Pritam who also retweeted the post on his timeline. Even the director of Dhoom Sanjay Gadhavi commented, “Unbelievable”

Amidst this, even netizens are pretty surprised to see this incident as one wrote, “Whether they were making an effort to make the vessel sail or tuning the Dhoom song.” While the other one said, “This is so hilarious”

The crew of Ever Given consisted of 25 persons and all were Indians, reports claimed.  

Suez Canal Chaos

Rescue teams finally succeeded in freeing the 400-metre-long Golden-class container ship in the shape of a skyscraper on Sunday. The ship that had been transporting cargo between Asia and Europe through the canal. As many as 420 ships had to wait before setting off on their destinations, awaiting the movement of the Ever Given.