This bird species ‘Shelley’s Eagle Owl’ not seen for 150 years, snapped in African rainforests

This bird species 'Shelley's Eagle Owl' not seen for 150 years, snapped in African rainforests
Image: Robert Williams

It was not sure until a photograph proved the giant Shelley’s Eagle Owl’s presence in the rainforest after 150 years.

A big owl, almost unseen in African rainforests for more than a century was recently photographed in the wild for the first time by British scientists in Ghana.

The bird is Shelley’s Eagle Owl, it was spotted on 16 October this year. And the ecologists are hailing it as a ‘sensational discovery’.

British ecologist Dr Robert Williams took the snap of this big owl in Ghana’s Atewa Range Forest Reserve with Dr Joseph Tobias.

Moreover, not much is known about Shelley owls. These birds are around 2 feet in length and are the largest owls in the rainforests of the African continent.

Shelley’s Eagle Owl snapped in Africa

Earlier, they have been seen in forests in Central and Western Africa.

Additionally, scientists in the West first learned about this giant bird in 1872. This species Shelley’s Eagle Owl is known as the ‘holy grail’ of giant owls.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature lists this bird as ‘vulnerable’ with several threats including logging, habitat destruction, and hunting. These activities result in prey reduction.


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