Unbelievable: This woman twirls 30 hula hoops in 35 seconds

This woman twirls 30 hula hoops in 35 seconds
Image: Unsplash

We all know about Guinness World Records and their amazing record holders. This time it is hula hoops! Recently, they shared a video of a woman named Mariam Olayiwola.

She is able to rotate 30 hula hoops simultaneously for the longest duration. That is for 35 seconds.

They keep sharing their viral records on social media also. This time they have shared it on their official Instagram page.

In the video she is picking up the colourful hula hoops and spinning them together.

Guinness World Records have also shared some information about this hoop woman Olayiwola.

Mariam dedicates this hula hoops record attempt to all the girls in her troupe. She hopes to demonstrate the strength and mental resilience required in the circus arts and particularly for all the strong women in the circus arts,” said the comment.

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