Viral Video: Woman thrashing cab driver in the middle of the road goes viral

viral video
Images: Screengrabs from Twitter

A video of a woman hitting and slapping a cab driver in the middle of a road in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh has gone viral. The woman allegedly also broke the man’s phone without giving a reason for the assault.

The video comes from a tweet by Megh Updates that went viral online. Watch it here:

Another Twitter user added, “Even the Person who came to Save the Cab Driver was Assaulted in these undated Viral Videos. She can be heard saying the Car Hit her.”

In the viral video, the woman is seen creating a ruckus in the middle of Lucknow’s famous Awadh crossing, blocking all cars on the road. Although traffic police tried to mitigate, the woman did not stop hitting the cab driver who she claimed “hit her with his car”.

When another man tried to intervene, the woman started hitting him too. The video was recorded by an eye-witness and the driver can be heard saying “Aap log mahila police bulaye (Call female police officers)”

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