VIRAL Videos of Ukraine being bombed by Russia make this 20-year-old a TikTok star

VIRAL Videos of Ukraine being bombed by Russia make this 20-year-old a TikTok star
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A 20-year-old TikToker Marta Vasyuta became famous overnight after sharing videos of Ukraine being bombed by Russia.

The girl has been posting real videos showing the massive devastation caused to her country. Interestingly, when Russia invaded Ukraine, she was in the UK to meet her friends.

It was in February when the TikToker’s Ukraine war videos began going viral on TikTok. Marta has been posting these viral war videos from the conflict-ridden Ukraine after only verifying their source of origin.

For obvious reasons now, the 20-year-old girl has become a source of on-ground news from Ukraine for many of the netizens out there.

Marta is a multilingual girl who speaks Ukrainian, Russian and English quite fluently.

Citizens in Ukraine have been uploading videos on to various Telegram channels. Marta got a hang of what exactly was going on in Ukraine and began sharing these on social media.

But she didn’t share them directly, Marta first verified these Ukraine war videos, only then she began posting them on TikTok.

Now, Marta’s Ukraine war videos have earned her more than 17 million likes and the 20-year-old already has 200,000 followers.

In the times of fake news and disinformation, access to genuine news on social media platforms is truly valuable. Yet, trying to verify the content can be difficult for anyone.

What’s more heartbreaking is that Marta has her family in Ukraine. And, now she is worried for them after looking at the videos and news from Ukraine.


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