Watch: 6 boys on scooty irks Mumbai traffic police, netizens react

Watch: 6 boys on scooty irks Mumbai traffic police, netizens react

Like many other countries, India also has traffic police to maintain law and order in the country.

On Indian roads whenever there is any rash driving case, it gets noted and raised sooner. In one such incident, six boys were seen riding a scooty in Mumbai. The dangerous act has been taken note of by the concerned department. Also, the viral video is out there for all to see.

You must have seen or heard of such bizarre incidents of people’s rash driving. One such incident is going viral on Twitter. A user by the name Ramandeep Singh Hora posted a video of six people sharing a scooter.

He even captioned the post “Heights of Fukra Panti 6 people on one scooter”, the video shows one person on the shoulders of another sharing the scooter seat.

The user even tagged Mumbai Police, that in turn, responded to him saying, “We have followed you. Please share your contact details. Talking to you at length may help us understand the situation better.”

Some of netizens reactions

The meme army is always ready with their instincts to make social media memes and make them go viral.

The quick netizens also reacted with several users commenting about how unsafe this was.

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