WATCH: “Cat drinks cow milk” on demand, hilarious feline Video goes Viral

This cat drinks cow milk on demand, hilarious feline Video goes Viral

When it comes to social media animal videos are quite popular. These are cute and funny at the same time.

A viral video shows a man milking a cow and a cat standing behind him on its hind legs.

Seeing this, the cat pokes him and the man directs the milk its mouth.

Here’s an old video posted again on Twitter by Avanish Sharan, an IAS officer of Chhattisgarh Cadre.

A viral video of a dog helping out kids is going viral. The video begins with the kids playing in their house. The dog just sitting in one corner is keeping an eye on the kids’ actions.

As soon as the ball falls into the nearby pond, the boy runs towards the ball. He tries his best to pick the ball from the pond by bending. (WATCH: Giraffe vs Lions)

But a curiously smart dog doesn’t let the boy do so as it might have jeopardize his life. And he brings the net to sift the ball easily from the water. This viral video shows the sense of the dog in realising the imminent danger.

Cat drinks cow milk

The dog’s viral video is being shared on social media and other platforms too. It is such a common knowledge that dogs have been loyal animals from a long time. But they can be a human’s best friend at times of need is now best proved in this video.

Many funny and interesting videos show how animals too have the emotions and understanding that help them connect with humans.


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