WATCH: Sloshed passenger abuses, crew uses duct tape to control unruly behaviour

WATCH: Sloshed passenger abuses, crew uses duct tape to control unruly behaviour

Hospitality is a tough business. From hotel rooms to airlines, a single unruly guest can spoil it all. In one of such incidents, to control an unruly, irate passenger on a flight. The crew members of an American airline used duct-tap to control his unwanted moves sticking the man to his seat. A video of the passenger creating a ruckus has long been going viral on social media.

It was the cabin crew Frontier Airlines that had to restrain a 22-year-old sloshed passenger on a flight. He was travelling from Philadelphia to Miami; the drunk boy had allegedly hit one of the crew members and even groped two women flight attendants.

The viral video shows Maxwell Berry shouting at other passengers; he is seen boasting about his parents’ wealth and saying they were worth more than $2 million. Not only this, but Berry also assaulted three crew members — punched one and groped two others, as per reports.

After all this, a crew member used duct tape to wrap his mouth and taped his body to the seat. In another video, Berry was seen shouting “Help!” Police have charged Berry on counts of misdemeanour. Moreover, what happened when Berry had just finished two cocktails so he wanted to order another round.

Things went awry when the man brushed his empty cup against a female flight attendant’s backside.

Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) has also released a statement saying, “A drunk and irate passenger verbally, physically, and sexually assaulted multiple members of the crew. When he refused to comply after multiple attempts to de-escalate, the crew was forced to restrain the passenger with the tools available to them onboard. We are supporting the crew.”

Before knowing the entire episode, the management had suspended the crew.

But as soon as they came to know of the entire incident, they supported the crew members. As the crew took help of whatever tools were available then.

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