Weird news: Doctor charges extra bill for crying, amount exceeds woman’s med tests

Weird news: Doctor charges extra bill for crying, amount exceeds her med tests

In one of the bizarre incidents, a doctor has been accused of charging extra for crying. Yes, you read that right! Here’s how the story unfolds. A hospital in New York City reportedly charged $40 extra from a woman in her medical bill for crying.

The medical bill comes with a proper anecdote. It has been shared on Twitter by Camille Johnson, a YouTuber from New York City.

A series of Tweets, explains how doctors charged the woman an extra $40 for crying. As per Camille, she exclaims, her ailing sister has been struggling with a rare disease. She is trying to find proper care at hospital which made her jittery and frustrated.

So, instead of addressing her concern, the hospital administration reportedly ended up charging extra $40 from her.

This bill amount was even more than the amount she paid for medical tests. The bizarre incident has left some users baffled while others have been sharing similar experiences on social media.

With the privatisation of healthcare, medical bills have swollen and the middle classes have always suffered.

There have been several incidents where people were made to squander extra money in hospitals.

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