Woman breaks stereotypes by riding a horse in saree, leaves netizens impressed [Video]

Odisha woman rides horse in saree
Image credits: Screengrab from video

A woman from Odisha has broken all the stereotypes about the saree as she was seen riding a horse wearing the popular Indian attire. Apart from riding a horse, the woman named Monalisa also rides bullet bike and even drives a truck donning saree. 

Monalisa is a homemaker from Odisha’s Jahal Village. She is involved all these activities to promote the Indian culture and show the power of women in society.

Saree clad woman riding a horse | Image credit: YouTube

In her latest video, which was shared by her husband Badri Narayan Bhadra’s on his YouTube channel gained lots of attention and left netizens impressed.

The video has received more than one lakh views on YouTube. 

Reacting to the video ,many users  and supported de her for breaking the stereotypes attached to women who dress in traditional outfits. 

She depicts the value of Indian culture in great way  as people now a days talk about how wearing a saree is so difficult, and how it takes them hours to wear one. She has shown that 6 yard of beautiful fabric which is comfortable and hardly takes 10 minute and we can even ride horse wearing it. 

According to India Today, Monalisa thanked her husband for supporting and introducing her to YouTube. Her husband is creative director by profession and he shoots all her videos. She started her YouTube channel  in year 2016 and now has 2.28 M subscribers. 

She earns more then 1 lakh a month from her YouTube videos. Her videos are liked and appreciated by the user on social media. One of her most liked videos in which she was driving a Volvo received huge praise from netizens.

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