Woman rants on returning to office after work from home; says ‘ho na payega’

Woman rants about going back to office after work from home
Image Credits: Screengrab of video posted by Harjas Sethi on Twitter

With the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, many offices had asked their employees to work from home. It;s been almost a year since people started working from home and setup their comfortable workplace.

However, as the vaccination drive in India is started, many organizations are gradually planning to reopen offices. Amid all the dilemma of ‘to go or not to go’ a rant video of a woman is going insanely viral on the internet. Her rant is has created a storm over the internet because, it is every bit relatable.

Take a look at the viral video

The video was shared on Twitter by user Piyush Tweets. The woman in video is Harjas Sethi and she had posted this video on her Instagram account earlier. However, it got viral when it made its way to Twitter.

In the video, the woman has called out her company’s decision to ask the employees to return to office.

Meri rooh kaamp rahi hai (I shake at the thought of going back to office), says Harjat before proceeding to the whole idea of returning to traditional office model.

In it, the woman starts by saying, “A tragic event has happened with me. Three days ago, I received a mail from office with the subject line ‘Return to work’…what does this mean? Do I have to get out of my blanket now, take a bath, get ready to go to office and see people’s faces?” she says in Hindi.

I just got rid of my black circles, got my life back on track and rid of my tanning, and now you are doing this),” she adds.

She further adds, “I want to ask them why they even want to do this Everyone is happy, your revenue is increasing, you are saving on transport costs and other facilities,”

Ho na paayega (it won’t be possible),” she says, referring to the return to physical workspaces from virtual meeting rooms.

How did the internet react?

The 1-minute and 38-second-long video left netizens in splits. At the time of filing this video, it had more than 154.5k likes and over 6k likes.

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