VIRAL: World’s first meme “Dancing baby” to become NFT artwork

World's first meme "Dancing baby" to become NFT artwork

With the advent of social media, reminiscing has touched another level of happiness. In the days when the internet was still evolving and people were coming to terms with the changing technology definitions, some of the first animations are still remembered.

These were some of the first attempts at giving shape to the human imagination.

So if you were born in the late 20th century, you may have seen the Dancing Baby, also known as ‘the Oogachacka Baby’. (VIRAL: This Cat drinks Cow milk)

It was the famous 3D-rendered animation of a baby dancing. Creators Michael Girard, Robert Lurye and John Chadwick in 1996 played with their imagination.

This is how it became a cultural phenomenon. Moreover, it remains one of the first viral videos in internet history.

After almost two decades, the HFA-Studio will release an NFT, a 1/1 artwork by the original creators.

In this makeover of the Dancing Baby, the animation artists have invited contemporary 3D artists and animators of another generation to ‘remix‘ the dancing baby.

It is to be noted that this viral dancing baby can also be called as one of the first social media memes.

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