YouTuber arrested for flying his pet with hydrogen balloons in Delhi

YouTuber arrested for flying his pet with hydrogen balloons in Delhi
Image: Unsplash

A Delhi-based YouTuber made his pet dog float up in the air by tying him with hydrogen balloons.

The YouTuber has been arrested for making, his channel is called GauravZone. Also, he had recently uploaded the video which created huge outrage online.

The video has now been deleted. It shows the YouTuber, a few others and his pet dog, in a park.

The hydrogen balloons are tied to the dog’s upper body. The upper body has started flying a little Gaurav explains as he demonstrates this act. He further pulls up the string of balloons, lifting the dog.

Just in few moments, the dog is seen floating away before the woman manages to catch hold of it.

Moreover, the video shows the YouTuber sitting on top of a four-wheeler flying Dollar up in the air using hydrogen balloons.

A case has been registered against Gaurav. The YouTuber has over four million subscribers on YouTube.

Later after deleting the video, Gaurav also apologised to his viewers and animal lovers.

“I apologise if you felt bad after watching the Dollar video. I won’t try such things again. Those who’re getting influenced by such things, please don’t get influenced. If sentiments have been hurt, I truly seek your apology.”

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