YouTuber pranks animals with fake tiger, video goes viral

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A Thailand-based YouTuber has gained a huge following, thanks to his hilarious videos, which show him pranking animals like monkeys, dogs, cats and even cows with a stuffed tiger toy.

In the videos, which have earned millions of views each on YouTube, the man can be seen putting a fake tiger next to animals and then recording their reactions.

The animals can be seen getting startled by the fake tiger. As soon as they see the tiger, they jump up and run away from it. In some cases though, dogs can be seen fighting back by barking furiously.

However, in the last segment of the video the YouTuber can be seen feeding the animals in an apology of sorts.

These prank videos can be seen on YouTube channel named ‘Angel Naga’. In one of the videos shared recently, the YouTuber is seen pranking monkeys and dogs with his tiger toy and here’s how they reacted:

This video has got a whopping 4 Million views on YouTube and has been widely shared on other social media platforms.