Afghan girls will freely go to schools under the Taliban rule?

Afghan girls will freely go to schools under the Taliban rule?
Representative Image: Pexels

The Taliban are planning to announce a framework for girls’ education. They will be able to attend school in Afghanistan sooner.

A senior United Nations official informed. This comes after four weeks when the Afghan boys were allowed a secondary education; but girls have not been so far.

As per sources, the de facto minister of education in Kabul informed that they are working on a framework for the same.

The ultras are known for their suppressive outlook towards women. After facing international fury from almost all corners, now they are working on making the Afghani system work in a better possible way.

As per the Taliban officials, women can only return back to schools and work spaces once their security and strict gender segregation are ensured.

As for secondary school, girls were allowed only in five provinces.

However, the UN is pushing for the right to be implemented throughout Afghanistan.

Under the Taliban’s previous rule during 1996-2001, Afghani girls and women were denied the right to education.

Not only this, they were even barred from working and public life.

Since this August 15 takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban have come under increasing pressure to ensure women’s rights to education and work.


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