Afghanistan: Taliban amid intense financial crisis paying workers in wheat, no cash

Afghanistan: Taliban amid intense financial crisis paying workers in wheat, no cash

Afghanistan is in the middle of a deeper financial crisis as the Taliban are having to pay donated wheat to thousands of public sector employees instead of cash.

The ultras regime announced that it was expanding its food for work programme, in which the Taliban uses donated wheat to pay amid a financial crisis.

Wheat which is largely donated by India to the previous Kabul government is now being used to pay 40,000 workers. About 10kg of wheat is paid per day for working five hours a day.

The scheme has also paid labourers on public works programmes in Kabul and will be expanded around the country.

Moreover, the Taliban administration has already received an additional 18 tonnes of wheat from Pakistan.

Besides, the expanding programme somewhere shows the intensity of the financial crunch faced by the Taliban administration.

UN agencies have also asked donors for $4.4 billion in humanitarian aid for Afghanistan in 2022. They call these funds an ‘essential stop gap’ to ensure Afghanistan’s future.

The United States will also donate an extra $308m in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

This aid will be channelled through the US Agency for International Development (USAID) to humanitarian organisations that provide shelter, healthcare, and emergency food aid, among other services, as per the White House.

More than half the Afghan population are facing acute hunger, as per the UN.

While around 5.7 million displaced Afghans in other five neighbouring countries need vital relief supplies.

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