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All you need to know about Black History Month

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Here we have February 2021 and the world celebrates this month as that of black history. February is the month of acknowledging the contribution by African diaspora.

Just as we have days, years to commemorate people, things and inventions. February month is reserved to honour the history of African-Americans.

Besides, President Joe Biden, the whole world is taking moment to pay tributes to the Africans all over. The newly-instated President of the United States issued a statement to reflect on the centuries of their struggle that have brought us all to this time of reckoning, redemption, and hope.

Almost all the Constitutions of the world mention about the principles of equality. Yet, it is not so very common. Racism has deeper roots, dating back to centuries.

History of ‘Black History Month‘ (BHM)

Black History Month is an annual observance having its origins in the United States of America. BHM is dedicated to promoting achievements by black Americans and other people of African descent.

Otherworld governments have also recognised it. After the USA, it was Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom – that recognised it later.

Origins of Black History Month date back to 1915. That year, Carter G. Woodson and Jesse E. Moorland founded the Association For The Study Of Negro Life And History (ASNLH).

This organisation was dedicated to promoting the contributions of black Americans and other African descent people. Later, in 1926 they unanimously decided to sponsor a national Negro History Week.

The second week of February was chosen for it being the week of birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas- the American abolitionist.

Furthermore, this event inspired communities nationwide to organise local celebrations. They also established history clubs along with hosting performances and lectures.

By 1929 people knew about this event. In the years that followed officials there in US began issuing yearly proclamations recognising Negro history week.

Moreover, by late 1960, Negro History Week had evolved into Black History Month apparently, in many colleges.

But it was in 1976 that President Gerald Ford officially recognised February as the Black History Month. Since then it is celebrated with specific themes each year.

Toronto became the first municipality in 1979 to proclaim BHM. Later on, it was recognised across Canada.

The known Black faces who made this world a better place

Despite facing immense challenges and discrimination Africans have grown to greater heights. Their excellence has been unparalleled and they deserve to find mention in the annals of history.

James Baldwin is known to have unveiled the truth about his race through his writings. The truths about racism, inequality and an endless discrimination in the US.

Martin Luther King Jr. known for his I Have A Dream Speech’ worked for the civil rights and peace movement.

Shirley Chisolm is known for breaking race barriers by becoming the first black woman to be elected in the US Congress.

Maya Angelou, poet and activist is known for her fearless childhood experiences that made her a great civil rights activist.

Ella Baker a civil rights activist. She facilitated protests and went on to become one of the early adopters of the civil rights mmovement.

Garrett Morgan who is known for several important inventions, including an improved sewing machine and the gas mask. However, one of Morgan’s most influential inventions was the improved traffic.

Automatic Elevator Doors were invented by none other than Alexander Miles.

The Present scenario

George Floyd, a black man was killed in Minneapolis after being arrested for a counterfeit bill in 2020. His death led to protests all over the US and world.

A lot of hue and cry followed his death but racism continues till date. The world has entered the era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning but that also does not make us any better.

Also, we have had former US president Barack Obama who served in the prestigious position. Now, we have the newly-elected vice-president of the US Kamala Harris, who is also a black American woman. Read here to know more about her. We have had blacks all over who have made this world better but discrimination never stops.

On one hand, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have launched their bit to spread the awaress about the BHM.

While on the other, the world needs to understand that mere status updates won’t do the needful. It’s more about mindsets, acceptance and harmony. All humans are born equal; be it in Africa or some other continent. We don’t need to label others as either superiors or inferiors, it’s all in our capabilities, not in the skin colour.

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Hina Fatima Khan
Hina Fatima Khan
Multi-media Journalist based in India with an experience of 7 years in the industry, Hina Fatima Khan works as a Senior Sub-Editor at The Vocal News. Her areas of interest are Politics, Business, History and World Affairs. She is also a Space enthusiast and enjoys scrabble in the Newspapers. She has done Masters in Convergent Journalism from Mass communication Research Centre (MCRC), Jamia Millia Islamia University.

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