Anti-coup protests claim at least 8 lives in Myanmar

Anti-coup protests claim at least 8 lives in Myanmar
Image: Pexels

Security forces in Myanmar opened fire on protesters killing at least eight people. These happen to be some of the biggest protests against military rule in Myanmar. It has been three months since the military junta took over the country after a coup.

Several people from towns and cities across Myanmar joined the protests Sunday calling for ‘the Global Myanmar Spring Revolution’.

There have been long-running conflicts with ethnic armed groups in border areas. Moreover, bomb blasts were also reported in different parts of Yangon Sunday. Protests are not new in Myanmar.

The Army chief Min Aung Hlaing says that the coup was necessary. For there were allegations of alleged fraud in Myanmar’s last November elections.

The NLD had won in these elections. The current turmoil in Myanmar has also raised an alarm in the international community.

World countries have condemned the Tatmadaw’s sudden grab of power in this way. Since February 1, 2021, Myanmar has been living under military rule. The country is now experiencing stifling dissent and detention of pro-democracy leaders. Myanmar citizens have seen protests against eh military rule in favour of an elected government.

Britain has also ramped up sanctions against the military junta. While the United Nations Security Council has condemned the deaths of hundreds of civilians in Myanmar.

There is total suppression of communication in Myanmar. These shutdowns and attacks on freedom of expression manifest the brutal stifling methods in use by Tatmadaw.

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