Around 5 million residents home confined in China after citywide lockdown

Around 5 million residents home confined in China after citywide lockdown
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Around five million residents of a central Chinese city were home confined to contain the Omicron spread.

China announced a fresh lockdown in order to curb the rising cases of the highly transmissible Omicron variant of coronavirus.

As per the state media in China, Beijing is on high alert for new outbreaks as it prepares to host the Winter Olympics next month; it aims at a zero-Covid strategy of targeted lockdowns, border restrictions and lengthy quarantines.

These days, China is battling local flare-ups in multiple cities.

The new variant Omicron presents a fresh challenge not only for China but the entire world.

Authorities in China’s Anyang announced lockdown late Monday. Issuing a notice ordering residents not to leave their homes or drive cars on the roads, reports of lockdown soon reached the world.

All the non-essential businesses have been shut and a mass-testing drive has also been launched.

At least three cities in Henan are also battling fresh outbreaks, with provincial capital Zhengzhou closing schools and kindergartens, and stopping restaurants from accepting any dine-in customers.

Moreover, last week, one million people in the city of Yuzhou were put under stay-at-home orders.

Tianjin, a major port city near the capital of Beijing also barred people from leaving without official permission.

Tianjin is just adjacent to Winter Olympics venues in Beijing and Hebei province. It also confirmed another 10 new locally transmitted cases after mass testing.

The city of Xi’an is in its third week of lockdown as it attempts to stamp out a 2,000-case outbreak.

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