‘Blacklist Pakistan’-clamours rise higher outside FATF in Paris

'Blacklist Pakistan'-clamours rise higher outside FATF in Paris
Image: Unsplash

In order to expose Pakistan and China’s malicious intents, the Baloch, Pashtun, Uyghur, Tibet and Hong Kong communities and exiled dissidents held a protest at FATF headquarters.

This is for the first time that so many people come together against Pakistan and China in France.

They are raising their concerns against the Pakistan deep state and its support to terrorism in the region.

Post protests at the FATF headquarters, the exiled community organisers will meet at the Dissident Club. There they will chart out a joint-future course of action to expose the Pakistani agencies

Their (Pak and China) malicious intents and role in human rights violations and use of terrorism as a state policy in India’s Jammu & Kashmir as well as Afghanistan will also be highlighted.

Their main demand remains that FATF immediately blacklist Pakistan for failing to curb terror financing. To curb the scourge of Pakistan allowing Islamist terror groups operating freely on Pakistan soil.

Pakistan’s FATF History

Pakistan was first placed on the grey list of FATF in June 2018. It was also given a deadline to address global concerns by implementing 27-point action plan to tackle terror financing on its soil.

Moreover, in October 2020, FATF had kept Pakistan in the grey list till February 2021.

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