China passes new legislation to govern its land border areas

China passes new legislation to govern its land border areas
Image: ANI

China has passed a new law to strengthen and govern its land borders yet again. This comes amid the growing military tensions along the disputed boundary with India.

As per this legislation, it will formalise combining the military defence of China’s land borders with improving social and economic development in border areas.

It will strengthen the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) policy to work closely with civilians staying in border areas like the Tibetan villagers living along the border with India, Bhutan and Nepal, to work as the first line of defence.

Both the countries namely India and China have been locked in a border row for 17 months.

The past has already witnessed the deadly skirmish in the Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh in 2020.

This was when the troops from both sides fought for hours with iron rods, clubs covered with barbed wire and rocks.

The new law ‘stipulates the relevant responsibilities’ of the PLA, the armed militia, and local governments to support and coordinate border defence and management of border areas.

It also pertains to rules that will support the construction of border towns and the management of rivers in the areas and land ports.

President Xi Jinping has also signed orders to promulgate the law.


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