China run factories set ablaze in Myanmar, 39 killed in violence

China run factories set ablaze in Myanmar, 39 killed in violence
Image: Unsplash

Since the Myanmar military took over the country in a coup, it has been experiencing violence.

In another fresh spate of violence, at least 22 anti-coup protesters were killed in industrial Hlaingthaya suburb of Myanmar Sunday. This comes after some Chinese-financed factories were set ablaze reportedly.

Furthermore, 16 protesters were killed in other places, say reports. And a policeman was also killed, making it the bloodiest day since February 1 coup.

According to Chinese embassy, many Chinese staff were injured and trapped in arson attacks. Some unidentified assailants attacked garment factories in Hlaingthaya. It had called on Myanmar to protect Chinese property and citizens.

However, China has been supporting the military junta. Reportedly, the security forces acted after four garment factories and a fertiliser plant were set on fire.

No group has so far claimed the responsibility for burning the factories. Anti-China sentiment is rising since the Myanmar coup. It left Myanmar into complete chaos.

Myanmar’s United Nations Special Envoy condemned what she termed the ongoing brutality.

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