China using anal swab testing to detect Covid-19

China using anal swab tests for Covid-19 detection
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China has started using anal swabs for detecting Covid-19 cases. Chinese officials are now taking anal swabs from residents of confirmed Covid-19 cases.

Coronavirus swept across many cities in northern China. This resulted in sealing off multiple cities from the rest of China.

According to reports, anal swabs testing method increases detection rate of infected people.

But since the technique is not convenient hence more of throat and nasal testings will be used.

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To contain the domestic transmission rate, China has tightened international arrivals. On the other hand, it has also tightened internal restrictions.

In the wake of lunar new year preparations, China is keeping a close watch on the rising cases of Covid-19.

Few days ago, some ice cream samples produced by Tianjin Daqiaodao Food Company had tested positive for Covid-19 in China.

Later, the company had ordered sealing and recalling of the product. Besides this, the company will follow a strict guideline in the future.

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