Covid-19: Almost all of EU population already infected with virus, says EC

Covid-19: 80 per cent of EU population already infected in past

As per the European Commission, nearly 80 per cent of EU’s population is estimated to have been infected by Covid-19. The bloc’s executive body made the statement.

These figures were reached by calculating the unreported infections. These could be as high as about 77 per cent of Europe’s population, the European Commission said.

This comes as the EU prepares to enter a post-emergency phase. Now its governments should ramp up vaccination of children also. They are considering plans to develop antivirals against Covid.

Coronavirus in Europe
Image: Pexels

With a recent drop in infections and deaths due to Covid-19, the EU bloc is now shifting away from mass testing and reporting of cases.

Moreover, there might be fresh surges with mutation threats. Immunisation rates have also been below 15 per cent among children aged between five and nine.

For better protection, antiviral pills against Covid-19 have also been approved for use in the EU.

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