‘Eek’ a new coronavirus variant found in Japan

Representative Image: Pexels

The novel coronavirus has the capability of mutating and adapting itself from time to time. A new variant called ‘Eek’ has emerged in Japan.

According to reports from Japan’s public broadcaster NHK, the new E484K exists in Japan. This mutation reduces vaccine protection. The variant was detected in around 70 per cent of the coronavirus disease patients in Tokyo.

This E484K mutation also exists in many Covid-19 patients at a Tokyo Hospital. But the patients who were carrying the mutation eek had no recent travel history.

Numerous variants of the coronavirus have cropped up around the world. Japan is presently grappling with a fresh wave of coronavirus infections.

This is a worrying trend ahead of the summer Tokyo Olympics planned for July. Japan’s prime minister Yoshihide Suga plans to expand emergency measures. There is an urgent need to contain the new wave of coronavirus infections in Japan.

So far Japan has declared a state of emergency twice. But officials are now opting for more targeted approach.

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