Emmanuel Macron orders lockdown in France, schools to remain shut

Emmanuel Macron orders lockdown in Francce, schools to remain shut
Emmanuel Macron/Twitter

French President Emmanuel Macron Wednesday announced a limited lockdown across the country. The lockdown comes in the wake of rising coronavirus cases in France, as per reports.

All schools will remain closed as part of this phase of restrictions.

This becomes the third lockdown in France. Macron now urges people to adopt a strategy aiming to contain the epidemic without shutting ourselves in.

Arguing in favour of not locking down in January, Macron gave ample reasons. “We gained precious weeks of liberty, weeks of learning for our children, we allowed hundreds of thousands of workers to keep their head above water, without losing control of the epidemic,” he said.

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Moreover, he did not ask people to not socialise in this lockdown. In fact gave a go ahead to them for travel between regions during the upcoming Easter holidays in France.

For few weeks, travel will be limited everywhere in France. It will up to a radius of 10 km from home for daily outings.

Macron also underlined the importance of the coronavirus vaccine.”We will do everything to vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate! Without rest, without holidays. Saturday and Sunday just like in the week,” he added.

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