European Union Council approves conclusions on its Indo-Pacific strategy

European Union Council approves conclusions on its Indo-Pacific strategy
Image: Unsplash/Twiitter

The Council of the European Union Monday approved conclusions on the Indo-pacific strategy.

This European Union’s strategy for cooperation in the Indo-Pacific aims to reinforce its strategic presence and actions in this region. This will also contribute to regional stability, security, prosperity and sustainable development.

This comes in the wake of current dynamics in the Indo-Pacific region. The ongoing intense geopolitical competition adds to increasing tensions on trade and supply chains. This has also penetrated technological, political and security areas.

The Council now tasks the High Representative and the Commission with putting forward a Joint Communication on cooperation in the Indo-Pacific by September 2021.

EU’s renewed commitment to the Indo-Pacific region will have a long-term focus. It will be based on upholding democracy, human rights, the rule of law and respect for international law.

The EU aims to promote effective rules-based multilateralism while reiterating its support for ASEAN centrality. Apart from the region, it will also focus on tackling the COVID-19 pandemic.

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